How to Get to Geger Beach? Discover the best of this little beach

Geger beach is located in the southern part of the Nusa Dua area. There is a public entrance to the beach so you don’t have to be a guest of a resort to enjoy it.

So how to get to Geger beach? Geger beach is located next to the Mulia Resort in Nusa Dua. There are several ways to get to its public entrance:

  • By driver (taxi or ride-hailing app)
  • By own transportation (motorbike or car)
  • Nusa Dua hotels guests can walk along the beach
  • Take the Mengiat beach entrance, then follow the beach path

Getting to Geger beach is pretty easy. If you want to get back to your accommodation then it can get tricky if you need a driver. The local drivers at Geger beach do not accept pick-up from taxis, Grab, or Gojek drivers.

If you don’t want to use one of the local drivers to get back, you can walk up to the main road. From here you can arrange a pick-up through one of the ride-hailing apps.

parking lot for cars and motorbikes at the beginning of geger beach
Grab or Gojek drivers can bring you all the way to the beach but are not allowed to pick you up

Where is Geger Beach?

You need to head to Nusa Dua area if you want to visit Geger Beach. It is located just south of the long strip of Nusa Dua beach resorts. Since you can not access the beach through the resorts, you need to find the public entrance to Geger beach. This is found right next to the Mulia Resort

If you are coming from the Jimbaran area and are on the Jln Bypass Ngurah Rai make sure you turn right at the first traffic light as soon you see the toll road on your left.

palm trees and soft white sand at geger beach in bali
soft sand and palm trees at Geger Beach south of Nusa Dua

Make sure you don’t head straight, otherwise you will enter the gates of the Nusa Dua area. 

Once you turn right at the traffic light, follow the road, and at the small roundabout turn right again. As soon as you’ve passed a golf course and the St. Regis turn left at the first road.

This is just before the Mulia Resort. Continue driving until you arrive at a small booth where you need to pay Rp. 3000 a person to get to Geger Beach.

After you pay the admission fee you can park your car or motorbike very close to the beach.

kids swimming at geger beach during low-tide
ideal swimming conditions at picture-perfect

Depending on traffic the beach is easily accessible for those staying at Jimbaran. Expect to drive for 30 min. If you are coming from Kuta, Legian and Seminyak then you should add another 15 to 30 minutes to it.

What is Geger Beach Like?

The Nusa Dua beaches are known for its wonderful tropical beaches with clear blue water. Geger beach is exactly like it. The beach has extremely soft sand and the water is crystal clear.

The restaurants and shops at the beach are very low-key giving the beach a very laid-back atmosphere. The crowd mostly stays nearby the beach restaurants that offer sun loungers too.

At the southern part of the beach, there is the massive Mulia Resort. Luckily there is still of undeveloped beach left where you can place your towel. But if you walk a little towards the north you can find enough space to have a huge patch of beach to yourself.

The water is ideal for swimming. Kids will have fun here too. The waves are minimal and the water is shallow.

Families, couples, and luckily locals too come here to enjoy the beach resulting in a beach we now like to go back to many times over.

our little boy running into the crystal clear water at geger beach
can’t wait to cool off at Geger Beach

However there are some rocks and corals along the shore, so be careful when waking into the water. Luckily the water is so clear that you can watch your step.

Another point, that some people probably do not like is that there is some seaweed here.

You have to walk far into the water to feel it under your feet, but near the shore, you will occasionally see all forms and color of seaweed floating by. We don’t mind and even find them fascinating to see all the different types of seaweed.

Local seaweed farmers collect the seaweed here too. We often see them wading out of the water pulling a small fleet of seaweed to the shore. The seaweed is often used for the cosmetic industry. 

balinese men bringing in seaweed on the shore at Geger beach
bringing in seaweed at Geger Beach
pieces of seaweed floating on the bottom of the ocean at Geger beach
seaweed floating freely in the water at Geger Beach

After our first visit to Geger beach, we fully understood why our family wanted to show us this beach. The first time we arrived the sun was shining bright and the water looked stunning. A couple of palm trees at the beach make this tropical beach picture perfect.

But what happened the second time we went to Geger beach? The beach was nothing like what I described above. There was hardly any water. Instead, seaweed floated sadly in the shallow water while we walked far out to reach some deeper waters.

low-tide at this nusa dua beach
high-tide or low-tide, our little boy doesn’t care 😉

It was low tide.

Like most beaches in Bali, low and high tide affect these beaches immensely. You should be aware of this because it can influence your experience and impression of the beach.

Check online to see when the tide sets in to fully enjoy Geger beach. You can also download the tide chart app for Android or the tide chart app for iPhone.

Is Geger Beach accessible to the public?

Many big resorts at Nusa Dua have claimed the beaches. Hotel entrances have secured gates and if you are not staying there you are not able to get inside. This is not the case for Geger Beach. This beach is open to the public. The entrance fee for Geger beach is Rp. 3000 per person.

However, despite paying a fee don’t be surprised if a security guard of the nearby resorts will ask you to leave.

As mentioned before many beach hotels claim that the beaches are for guests only. But as long as you use a public entrance you are allowed to sit anywhere you want at a beach in Bali. Of course, you shouldn’t sit on the resort sun-loungers. If you keep your distance they should not say anything about it.

beach in front of the mulia resort nusa dua
the beach is public but most resorts like this Mulia resort in Nusa Dua have claimed it

Unfortunately, more often than not we have been approached by one of the many security guards who politely asked if we could put our beach towel somewhere else.

This happened several times at Geger beach too. At the beach restaurants, you can rent a sun lounger for Rp. 50.000. But we rather sit in the sand nearby the water with our little boy.

sun loungers for rent at this nusa dua beach
sun loungers for rent on Geger beach

Next to the entrance of the beach, you have the huge Mulia Resort. They have a paved path which looks like the border between the private guest area and the public beach.

However, whenever we sit at the beach here, a Mulia security guard will come over to ask if we can move towards the restaurants as this section of the beach is part of the resort.

Until now we always politely told the security guard that we know it is a public beach and accessible to everyone. The poor guy always smiles nervously and more than often leaves us alone.

north part of the beach which is very wide and ideal for putting down your towel
the northern part of Geger beach is yours, there’s no security here to tell you otherwise

But this is not the case at the other beaches in Nusa Dua. At one point the security guard stood closely behind us the whole time. After a while, we felt really uncomfortable and left.

We understand that the security guard is only the messenger and he also knows that we are allowed to stay there. So usually we say what we want to say and if it gets all too uncomfortable we leave.

On the northern part of Geger beach, you can lay down your towel without any hassle.

What can you do at Geger Beach?

Geger beach is ideal for swimming and if you like, undisturbed sunbathing. Small kids will have a blast building sandcastles and splashing in the water.

our little boy building sand castles at the beach in bali
digging holes and building sandcastles at Geger Beach

You can find more activities around the beach restaurants. First of all, you have the ladies offering massages. They will greet you immediately upon arrival, so that is not hard to miss. The sun loungers can be rented for Rp. 50.000

There are a handful of shops that rent out stand-up paddleboards and kayaks so you can explore the water.

Unlike the beaches at Tanjung Benoa, at Geger beach they don’t have activities such as jet ski rental, banana boat, or parasailing. We consider this a big advantage as it makes the beach quieter.

We also saw a small catamaran and a couple of boats with engines, but they did are not anchored permanently.  

waves hitting the reef at geger beach
strolling the beach while watching the waves hitting the reef

Surfers can catch waves here too but they need to take a boat to get to them. 

Since the water is very clear, we have seen many people head into the water with a snorkel. We haven’t done it but with a snorkel, you can easily swim quite a distance in the calm water.

Other great things to do at Geger beach are sipping fresh coconut, munch away grilled corn on the cob or try some delicious steamed peanuts. We think that food always adds flavor to the beach experience. 

Can you access the temple from the beach?

From Geger beach you can see a temple perched right on a cliff. This is one of the most important temples in the Nusa Dua area and is called Pura Geger Dalem Pemutih. The Balinese come here for blessing purifications.

You can’t fully access the temple complex. But the area around is nice to go to. The cliff offers great views over the beach towards the north and coral cliffs towards the south. The beach area here isn’t sandy but rocky. At low tide, it is nice to wander through the rocks and small patches of sand. At very low tide you can even find a freshwater spring here.

the Pura Geger Dalem Pemutih in the distance
the Pura Geger Dalem Pemutih in the distance at Geger Beach

The story behind the Geger Dalem Pemutih temple isn’t really clear. But they say that this temple is related to the Uluwatu temple, located more south of the island. Dang Hyang Nirartha rested at this cliff before continuing his journey to Uluwatu. The calm and beautiful atmosphere here inspired him to meditate under a tree that is still found at the temple.

Is Geger beach worth visiting?

If you are not staying in the Nusa Dua or Jimbaran area then we think it is not worth driving all the way to Geger beach. Otherwise, it is a great beach to spend a morning or afternoon. The water is nice and we love the soft and the big grain of sand. 

fishing boats anchored at geger beach in bali
fishing boats anchored at Geger Beach

Since we try to avoid being in the sun around 12 pm we miss out on the high tide most of the time. 

Instead, we like to go to Geger beach in the afternoon, around 3 pm. The sun is not that strong anymore and is about to set inland making it less sweaty. It also creates some shade from the nearby palm trees. 

In the late afternoon, we love to hang out on the beach, cool off a bit and eat corn while digging our feet in the sand. Since we have a little kid, we always head home before it gets too late. But next time we will definitely stay much longer and enjoy dinner right at the beach as many people do here at Geger beach. 

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