About Us

Greenerbali started after many years of visiting Bali and the growing concern of the impacts of tourism and other developments on the island.

Ever since our first Bali holiday together in 2006 we always enjoyed leaving the crowd behind and getting lost on our many motorbike tours on the island. Getting as far away from the busy areas, being surrounded by the lush green environment, and witnessing the beautiful people of Bali is what has always attracted us.

However, we knew that the Bali we enjoyed would not last very long.

For several years now many people who we speak to that have just returned from their holidays to Bali complain about the traffic, the rubbish on the beach and how busy the island is.

Unfortunately, we experience this too…

After completing his studies in Tourism Development Matt joined Monico in Indonesia, who was just finalizing her studies in Forest and Nature Conservation Social Studies in Bogor.

From there we both were very motivated on focusing on sustainable tourism development in Bali. We believe that if eco-travel is more appreciated, current and new businesses will be inspired to change their business strategies.

Fortunately, this trend is already visible all over the island.  NGOs, initiatives on a local, business, and international level have already made incredible steps in improving the natural and social environment of Bali.

Positive changes might not be obvious in some areas. But luckily there are still many places on the island where you can experience the Balinese culture and environment to the fullest.

With Greenerbali we hope that we are able to show that Bali is unique and is a place that you will not find easily anywhere else. We will do so by providing information on great eco destinations in Bali and by sharing great stories of organizations and individuals that contribute to making Bali more greener again.

Since 2015 we travel with the three of us. Traveling with a little one has taught us a valuable lesson in sustainable tourism. We learned that traveling should be more about the full experience’ instead of the amount of experience’.

We think it is better to take things much slower. Instead of visiting an area or beach during a day trip, we spend a couple of days there. You will not only learn more about the area but see more of the hidden treasures such as the daily routines of the local Balinese, eat at small local restaurants, visit morning markets, see the sunrise, etc.

With our travel stories, we hope to inspire more travelers to experience Bali differently and to discover why people have fallen in love with this island. Together we can leave a positive impact, big or small.

Happy Travels,

Matt, Monico & Art