Sari Organik Ubud, Eat organic in the rice fields

sari organik ubud

Eating at Sari Organik Ubud is a really unique experience. Not only for the food but also for its location. It’s smack in the middle of the Ubud’s rice fields.

If you go for a stroll through the rice fields, you will surely pass it.

To get there you need to head towards Campuan bridge when you come from Ubud Palace. Just before the road turns into a green oasis with huge trees hanging over the road, you turn right up a road that looks more like a driveway.

There’s a sign with Sari Organik on it and a phone number. If you want them to pick you up all you need to do is call them.

Be aware though that the rice field paths are very narrow, so you have to jump on a motorbike to get there. Walking takes about 20 minutes.

ricefields sari organik ubud
Scenes along the way

Organic food

Sari Organik is an organization that aims to produce organic products. Their restaurant is actually called Warung Bodag Maliah. So don’t get confused once you arrive.

sari organik ubud entrance
The temporary restaurant of Sari Organik

When we were there they were just renovating the restaurant. They were still open for business though and they created a temporary restaurant just in front of the original building.

As mentioned earlier Sari Organik aims at whole and organic food. They use ingredients straight from their organic garden or buy them at farmers who grow chemical-free products.

interior sari organik ubud
Besides going for drinks and food, it’s a good place to relax too…

When you walk around you can spot their garden. And if you want you can even pick your own vegetables to create your own dish.

The Menu at Sari Organik

The extensive menu starts off with a whole list of all kinds of fresh juices, some with a little twist such as ginger in the carrot-apple juice or bell pepper with mixed juice.

My girlfriend and I tried the Green Cleanser Juice which was made from Broccoli, apple, celery, and lemon. I’m not sure if it has any health advantages to it.

drinks at sari organik ubud
Enjoy the refreshing drink with a natural wooden straw!

All I know is that it was really refreshing and I highly recommend it…

The long list continues with the dishes. It’s so diverse I have no idea where to begin!

First of all, they have 10 types of different salads, to which you can add other ingredients. They also serve small dishes that are more tapas-looking such as sun-dried tomatoes, babaganush and tempura.

matt having lunch sari organik ubud
Grilled tuna from the day menu and vegetable curry for my girlfriend

And then you have the pizzas and the main courses. The main courses consist of Indonesian food of which many dishes are prepared with tofu. But don’t worry they also have chicken and fish dishes.

Other examples are sautéed chicken pesto, grilled tuna steak with yellow curry sauce, or the vegetarian kebab. And to make the choice a bit more difficult they also have daily specials.

Leave space for dessert

If you still have some space left in your stomach or you just feel like something sweet they have wonderful desserts too.

dessert at sari organik ubud
The color might look strange, but it tastes delicious…

I tried the Balinese crepe, which is a green colored pancake. But other unusual choices are home-made sweet potato ice cream, vegan crepe with soya ricotta cheese, and Rambutan Pie.

The pie must be delicious because the Rambutan fruit is definitely one of my favorite tropical fruits. But unfortunately, I was too full to try it out.

So I’m sure I’ll be back as soon as I visit Bali again…

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