Ibah Villas – a mystical place tucked away in Ubud

ibah hotel campuhan bali

Warwick Ibah is located just around the corner of the busy streets of Ubud on the banks of the Campuan River. Coincidently this is also one of the best locations in town. Here you can easily start walking through the amazing rice fields that this area is famous for.

This hotel is also ideally located for exploring Ubud village, visiting museums such as the Antonio Blanco House (just across the river) and watching Kecak and Legong dances that are performed every night.

entrance to ibah ubud villas
Entrance to the Ibah Ubud premises

This gem is tucked away in a green oasis so you would probably walk straight past it if you didn’t know it was there.

To reach the lobby you have to go through security and enter a gate that has ancient-looking walls; something that characterizes the entire property.

The story behind Ibah

A staff member told me that the area has been owned for centuries by the Royal Family of Ubud and that one of its members had built the villas only 12 years ago.

leading to the ibah ubud rooms
A corridor leading to several rooms…

I was surprised that the hotel wasn’t built much longer ago. From the looks of it, it looked like it has been there for centuries. And I mean this in a positive way…;-)

The land in and around the hotel premises is considered sacred grounds that contain healing and inspirational powers. The powers were discovered centuries ago during a quest of a holy man from India, Rci Markandya.

His quest was to create a sacred temple in the central mountains of Bali. During his journey, Rci stopped and meditated at a place where two rivers met, known as Campuan.

Here he was given the inspiration he needed to create the sacred temple Besakih. Today this temple is known as one of the most beautiful temples on the island.

view from ibah ubud bali
Sit and enjoy the view of Campuan

Since then Campuan has been considered a holy inspiration.  A temple was built on the banks of Campuan next to the Ibah property.

‘Ubud’ means ‘medicine’ in Balinese and it refers to the healing power of these sacred grounds.

The hotel has definitely been able to maintain an inspirational setting from the past. When I was there I felt like I had entered a little mystical palace that had not been discovered for ages.

Every corner of the hotel complex is beautiful. The little details throughout the premises, such as the many frangipani flowers decorating the stairs and walkways, statues along the walls, wooden doors and stoned gates leading to the villas make it look like a picture out of a fairytale…

matt at ibah ubud bali
Exploring the hotel grounds…

The villas and suites at Ibah

Ibah consists of 11 villas with private plunge pools and 4 suites. All of them are named after local flowers such as Villa Oleander or Villa Camellia. Once you arrive at the villas you’ll see that they are built with Balinese thatched roofs, hand-crafted wooden doors, teak floors and marble bathrooms with outdoor showers.

Modern amenities include air-conditioning, IDD telephone, Cable TV, stereo equipment, etc are also available.

bathroom ibah ubud bali

bathroom ibah ubud bali
Bathroom at one of the villas

The outside living room has a romantic daybed for two where you can relax and have your lunch or just relax with a good book.

This resort also ensures that the stunning views of the valley can be seen from the verandahs of the villas.

Some villas even have a jacuzzi that looks out on the green countryside.

private villa pool ibah ubud bali
Enjoy the view
bedroom ibah villas ubud
Spacious bedroom

Other facilities at Ibah Ubud

Not surprisingly, their spa is also amazingly decorated like the rest of the hotel.

Across the lobby you can find the salt-water swimming pool that is surrounded by a wall and can only be entered through a small door.

salt swimming pool ibah ubud bali
You must agree…this is beautiful, right?

The resort has two pools that are connected with each other. Climbing the stairs I was pretty surprised to see the pool.

It is beautifully set. It’s hard to describe how idyllic it all looks, so fortunately I took pictures that really show you what I mean…

pool area ibah bali

As you can tell, I highly recommend this retreat. It is perfect for any type of holiday, whether you just want to relax, or absorb the culture in and around Ubud or even if you are there to spend your honeymoon.

Warwick Ibah Hotel
Jalan Raya Campuhan
Ubud Bali
Tel: (+62 361) 974466

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