Diving at Menjangan island, perfect conditions

snorkelling and diving menjangan

When diving at Menjangan Island (Deer Island) you will be entering the surrounding water of the National Park West Bali. It is considered the best-conserved coral on the island.

Up till now, we have experienced the best snorkeling in Bali right here. The visibility is great and the number of different fish is amazing, just like the coral walls. We just couldn’t get enough of it!

From the mainland, the island looks nearby but it still takes 30 minutes by boat. The best time to snorkel here is early in the morning when the water is at its clearest.

jetty with boats going to menjangan island
At the Labuhan Lalang jetty…

Best Water Conditions

As for divers, visibility is quite consistent with 40-50 meters. The water conditions are also pretty good throughout the year with the period between April to November being the best. Try to avoid January and February as the waves can be somewhat rougher.

Despite being located in a marine park, the diving sites around Menjangan island are not the richest site in Bali. Don’t expect to see a Mola Mola or manta swimming by.

However, diving at Menjangan island is not to be missed. The clear water, calm conditions, vertical soft coral walls plunging to 35-60 meters deep, caves, cavities and cracks covered with corals and amazing sponges make diving a wonderful experience.

This diving spot is also ideal for beginner divers. The reef is found 2 meters below the surface and stretches itself out for 100-150 meters without any waves or strong currents.

The Anker

If you are an experienced diver you might want to consider heading to the north-western side of the island. Here you can find a shipwreck named the Anker.

The wreck is 25 meters long. It is located on a hill where you also find caves, soft corals and other marine life. Make sure you take the time to explore this site and get closer to the wreck to fully appreciate it.

menjangan island bali scuba diving
At Pos II, the coral garden

If you plan to go diving at Menjangan island, it is best to stay at the nearby villages such as Pemuteran and Lovina. But even dive operators in Amed and Sanur arrange Bali diving trips to this part of the island. So you can basically enjoy this site wherever you are staying.

Snorkeling At Menjangan Island

If you plan to go snorkeling only it’s easy just to head to Labuhan Lalang harbor yourself. It’s a small harbor located 20 minutes west of Pemuteran.

There are many boats leaving daily from here, starting from 08.00 AM to 02.00 PM. At the entrance of the harbor you can arrange a permit, park guide (which is obligatory since you are entering a national park), boat and even snorkeling gear.

This is what we did. At the end of the whole trip including gear etc, we came to a total of Rph 60.000 for the two of us. Everything at the harbor office is well organized. There is no need to bargain for a price as it is all written down clearly.

We were one of the first to leave from the harbor and we were glad we did. The water was still clear and we had seen everything before the big crowd arrived around 10 a.m.

Ask the guide to take you to Pos II first where you can see the coral garden and then head to Pos I where you can check out the drop-off. This sequence is best considering the current.

If you are planning to go diving or snorkeling with a tour or independently and you want to make it cheaper than you could off course try to find several other travelers to share the boat with. This will save you a lot of money. Up to 10 people fit in the boat and five if you are having diving gear with oxygen bottles

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