2 gorgeous beaches around Padang bai

bias tugal beach padangbai bali

Besides the main beach, there are two other nice beaches around Padang bai on both sides of the bay.

Bias Tugal

First of all you have the white sand beach of Bias Tugal, also known as Pantai Kecil.

This beach is located on the east side of the village. Swimming is possible depending on the time as currents can be very tricky here too. If swimming isn’t advisable it is still a very pretty beach so worth stopping by to admire its view.

Bias Tugal or Pantai Kecil as it also called

Bias Tugal beach is so beautiful that a hotel chain is building a resort right at the hill overlooking this gem. In my opinion a real shame because it should be kept the way it is: quiet and pretty much deserted.

To get to the beach turn left at the post office and go up a steep path after which you’ll find the Bias Tugal sign. Here  you have to descend through the bushes. Here you’ll find a couple of warungs (local restaurants) which serve the usual Indonesian food and where you can sip a coconut or beer.

It’s a small beach. The first time we were there we were the only ones however two year later we noticed that it there were more people. Never the less, it still felt deserted and quiet and a good place for beach lovers.

Blue Lagoon

The second beach is Blue Lagoon on the western side of the village. It is a small beach, but there is a sun terrace where serious sunbathing can be done. Small restaurants offers refreshing drinks and snacks.

Having a drink with my sister at the Bloo Lagoon beach

To get there pass the Topi Inn restaurant and then climb up the stairs on the left side in the direction of the Bloo Lagoon resort. If you miss the wooden sign indicating the way to the beach, you could end up at the resort. So make sure you spot the wooden sign where you’ll descend to this hidden gem.

There isn’t really a beach at high tide and the rocks look pretty dangerous for swimming. But the sun beds along the water gives sunbathers the perfect place to relax.

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